We are pleased to announce that the Dayton Section, 909 has received the Gold award recognition for 2016.

This level was achieved by meeting the good standing requirements as well as meeting or exceeding the all PAR metrics. Beginning in 2014, PAR is the model ASQ member units follow when planning, funding, and executing actions designed to drive higher levels of member value.  This evolves from a renewed focus on member retention and growth, member value creation, and member leader engagement.

PAR-2015-Performance-Bronze-WebWe are proud to announce that our Dayton ASQ Section, 0909, achieved the Bronze PAR Performance Award for 2015!

This level was achieved by meeting the good standing requirements as well as meeting or exceeding the Member Leader Engagement metrics.

Congratulations to the 2015 Section Member Leaders and thank you for all your hard work in meeting and exceeding section performance requirements!

GoldQMP2010  Gold QMP Excellence Award 2010-2011


SilverQMP2007   Silver QMP Excellence Award 2007-2010


TQA2007    Total Quality Award 2007-2009

Dayton Section ASQ Fellows

Our section has 4 (0.7%) of the ~600 active ASQ Fellows.  Less than 1% of all global ASQ members achieve this prestigious membership level.   Our ASQ Fellows are:

  • Ha Dao
  • Joseph Pignatiello
  • Virgil Rehg
  • David Renslow

For more information on ASQ Fellow membership, click here.


  • Fellows must be nominated by their section, forum/division, a country councilor, or the elected chair or president of a country unit recognized by the ASQ board of directors.

  • A Fellow member must first be a Senior Member for at least the past five calendar years.

PLEASE NOTE: the submission date for Fellow nominations has changed to May 1st.

New Senior and Fellow Options:
ASQ has changed the benefit options available to Senior and Fellow members. A choice of one of the extra benefit options below is included with membership dues of $159.*

  • Select one journal of your choice

  • Select two divisions of your choice

  • Select one additional section of your choice

*ASQ member dues are for one year and subject to change without notice.

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