Dayton ASQ Section Member Leaders

2017 Dayton ASQ Section Member Leaders

The Dayton ASQ volunteer Section Member Leaders for 2017 are:

Section ChairTherese Steiner[email protected]
TreasurerLinda Manns[email protected]
SecretaryJohnny Bakermailto:[email protected]
Membership ChairMica Howard
Nominating ChairHa Dao
Audit ChairArwen Mastellermailto:[email protected]
Young Quality Professionals (YQP) LiaisonSandy Furterer
Recertification ChairMichael Anthony[email protected]
Program Chair Laura Gibson
Arrangements ChairMica Howard
Education ChairTammy D’Altomailto:[email protected]
Scholarships ChairLynn Seerymailto:[email protected]
Internet LiaisonGreg Hartke[email protected]
Placement ChairChris Palser[email protected]
Publicity ChairRob Gleitz[email protected]
Affiliate Society Liasion Andrew Dickerson[email protected]
VOC ChairTammy D’Altomailto:[email protected]

Interested in joining the Dayton ASQ Member Leader team? Contact Therese Steiner.

Thank you to all our past and present member leaders for contributing to the ongoing success of Dayton ASQ!


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