Presentation Materials from Meetings and Workshops

The links below are to ASQ Dayton presentations at meetings and workshops for which the presenter has approved posting here for our broader audience to access.

August 2017 – CQE BOK Overview by Johnny Baker: CQE Helpful Links

October 2016 – ASQ Dayton Section Dinner Meeting: Corrective Action Course Corrections by mariann penska Links to presentation materials: caps-asq_part1  caps-asq_part2

August 19, 2016 – ASQ Dayton Weekend Workshop: ASQ Dayton Customer Journey Mapping Workshop facilitated by Therese Steiner

June 15, 2016 – ASQ Dayton Section Dinner Meeting:

June 11, 2016: Weekend Workshop: Building Your Business Management System Using ISO 9001:2015 program presented by Carol Herrick.  Companies are in business to meet or exceed customer expectations while making a profit.  Business management systems are the way this is accomplished.  This interactive workshop led by Carol Herrick instructed participants on how to use ISO 9001:2015 to build a business management system that helps companies identify customer expectations, develop internal processes to deliver on those expectations  and to improve those processes over time to create a profitable and sustainable company.

Carol Herrick is an Economics Instructor at the Raj Soin College of Business at Wright State University.  Since 1995, she has worked with small businesses on the development and improvement of business management systems, focusing on helping them create loyal customers and sustainable and profitable businesses.  Carol previously worked for a division of General Electric in product management  and at LexisNexis in strategic planning.  She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Graduate School of Industrial Administration and has a BA in Economics from Northwestern University.  Carol is a past Chair of the Dayton Section  of ASQ.

January 31, 2013: Membership Meeting: Meeting Presentation: “SCRUM for All Seasons” Program by Michael Evanoo, Quality Strategist, HP Enterprise Services. In this presentation, Mike explores how Scrum and Agile can be used for almost any type of project to obtain rapid results and excellent visibility. These methodologies are used as effective project management approaches.

January 26, 2012: Membership Meeting ISO Materials: TC 176 2010 Survey: Better Understand user needs, identify opportunities for improvement and guide the long term strategic direction for quality management

October 26, 2010: Membership Meeting Presentation: CHALLENGES AND PATHWAYS FOR BOOSTING LEAN SIX SIGMA ROI

September 22, 2010: ASQ Joint Societies Meeting: Presentation: Cloud Computing

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